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Center for Symbolic Studies

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Membership Benefits

Memberships start at $100 for the year and include:

  • Access to camping - Camping is $10/night with membership.

  • Hiking (by reservation so that we can manage the flow of people in the woods).

  • Beltane Festival admission

  • Walk in artistic residency sharings

If you’re able to make a larger contribution please do, we’d be so grateful! If money is tight this year don’t hesitate to ask about work exchange or volunteer membership, even on credit from years past, you know who you are. :)

You can sign up for a year's membership  through Venmo ( or Paypal (StoneMountainFarm).

Please specify "membership" when sending in your fee and specify if you would like a donor letter for tax purposes.


Our goal for membership  is to cover road upkeep and insurance for maintaining the farm as a special refuge open to the public. There are many more costs to managing such a large and wild place, but these two elements are essential to allowing us to keep our doors open and our forest a wild and safe haven for animals, children and creatives to flourish. Membership will make sure that you know us and we know you, and we’re all taking care of the land together.

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