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Center at Stone Mountain


Membership is $100 annually for a single member, $150 for a family and includes:

  • Parking and hiking access (please display your ‘Center Membership’ magnet on your car when parking on the land).

  • One camping stay for $10/night (up to 3 nights) Normally $35/site per night.

  • Entry to our annual Beltane renaissance festival.

  • Discounts to our kindred member organizations:

Ecological Land Stewardship Academy: Offering hands-on education in sustainability, permaculture and homesteading to foster community and build symbiotic relationships between us and the land.


5th Wall Studio:  Flying dance harness classes and creativity coaching

Whispering Wood Performances

Wild Arts Collective: Flying Trapeze and Art Garden Club

Liquid Light Flight Performances

WayFinder: Helping young people develop a sense of purpose through play and LARP.

Vanaver Caravan: International Dance and Music Institute

Wild Earth

Barning Man

Gunks Fest

Rail Trail Cafe: season-long food and events.


Our goal for membership  is to cover road upkeep and insurance for maintaining the farm as a special refuge open to the public. There are many more costs to managing such a large and wild place, but these two elements are essential to allowing us to keep our doors open and our forest a wild and safe haven for animals, children and creatives to flourish. Membership will make sure that you know us and we know you, and we’re all taking care of the land together.

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