Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Stone Mountain farm sits, as farms should,

at the end of a long winding road through the woods.


Stone Mountain is a hub for the performing arts and home to The Center for Symbolic Studies; a non-profit whose mission is to inspire nature-based spirituality, leading to personal growth and communal awareness.


All activities put the land first. A small family run operation; there is a community that lives on the farm year round and shorter term guests that come and go on weekends, from cabins and ‘glamping' tents.


On any given day you may discover children building fairy houses deep in the forest, musicians playing at the Rail Trail cafe under a cathedral of trees while patrons enjoy farm-to-table delights; Tai Chi, Flying-dance or Dream Workshops on one of the stages; or a theater company rehearsing alongside horses in the barn studio.

The real magic here is found off the beaten path, between here and there,

surrounded by the quiet brilliance of the unexpected.  



Beltane 2021 was held on May 22nd, and what a marvelous time it was! We would like to send very special thank you's to the Vanaver Caravan,

the wonderful performers and dedicated volunteers!

And thank you to all who attended and became members!


To read the Beltane 2021 pageant story click here. Pictures to follow....

Garden Shed- Fall Peak_preview.png